I live at the bottom of a hill in northeast Los Angeles with my wife and some cats, am a some-time photographer and musician who used to play drums in a UK-based band called Drugstore, and struggle to find enough space for my records.

This blog is inspired by those records, or more specifically their covers. The good, the bad, the odd, and even the unremarkable. In general it is more about the musings the covers may prompt – often the characters, labels, events, etc. associated with them, and sometimes how some of that may intersect with my own experiences – though some entries will merely be a sleeve that simply has to be shared, without too much in the way of commentary.

I hope you find something in here to enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you thought.

And check out my other blogs if you feel so inclined: vintage snapshots for vintage photos, kodakery for more vintage photo-related subjects and arrow highway for my own laidback, slightly experimental music, which has been used for soundtracks and on NPR.

Contact longfade at motionresearch@yahoo.com.

– Mike Chylinski


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  • Simone White says:

    This is great. I’m happy I stumbled onto this site.

  • Ron Pearson says:

    Hi. Nice site! I was reading your musings about “Weather-Related Illness and Airborne Ions” and the effect of ‘melancholy’ on northern European music. I also just finished the book “Swedish Mentality” that you cited, and found it fascinating. I’m a musician (avocation) – classical singer – in Minnesota, and really appreciate these little tidbits on the web. You should write again!

    • hungrycalico says:

      Thanks very much. Glad you found my blog and it’s interesting that you had read that book. Lots of food for thought out there!

  • Mike, found searching for Jonah Jones. I’m from Vancouver, BC. A big jazz town in the 40s& 50s. My parents went to all the show and developed a friendship with Jones. I was born in 1950 and I was told Jonah arrive for a show with booties for me. He used tio stay at our home when in town. My parents died in 77. And i’ve a
    Ways regretted not going to a show in town around 72 to meet Jones and Cozy Cole. Jonah asked dad to biting me along, but at the time I was into rock . That I dig chicks album was a staple at our place. As a kid i knew it very well.

    Cool blog. Thanks

    Peter Walters

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